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Call: 07717177372 | Email: info@northgatestudios.co.uk

Recording Studios with world class facilities at sensible prices for bands of all genres large rehearsal practice rooms for bands banbury oxfordshire drums piano cabs microphone hire

Welcome to Northgate Recording Studios Banbury

The largest and best value Rehearsal Rooms and Recording Studio in Banbury Oxfordshire

Northgate Studios offers three large rehearsal rooms, in-house Equipment, Storage and high quality Recording. This makes Northgate Studios the most competitive value for money studio in the area. We understand the hassle finding good practice space and Recording facilities in Oxfordshire. Our aim is to provide the space and the time for performers to practice and perfect their skills. All of our staff has worked in the music scene for most of our lives, from Banbury, across Oxfordshire to the corners of the uk. With this wealth of experience under our belts Northgate studios was designed with the artist in mind, looking at everything we would expect of a practice facility in the Oxfordshire area. After many tried and tested ways, our rehearsal rooms in Banbury are perfect for you. We aim to work closely with the local community and youth projects in order to encourage development. Work at the Oxfordshire based studio has ranged from the Aspergers music showcase to the new and rising talent from the local education facilities around Banbury. Any money that has been raised from this project has been ploughed back in to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied with all we can provide.

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Where We Are

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Northgate Studios is on the Southam road in Banbury, within the Cherwell Business Village site. It is easily accessible from the M40 and can be found at the back of the main building with enough car space to unload and reload your gear. Please take a look at our map for more details.

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From Amy Simpson's forthcoming EP. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see more great artists from Northgate Studios. Northgate Youtube Channel

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